Gain visibility into your software portfolio, engineering team, and processes

7 out of 10 enterprise IT initiatives fail because executives have no visibility

Lack of visibility comes from:

  • Volume, variety, intricacy and versioning of source code
  • Source code, software development and business data are spread across many silos
  • Large volume, variety, intricacy and versions of data
  • Retrieving, storing and querying at scale is hard
  • Shadow IT and “Dark Data” due to developer frustration with legacy systems & slow processes

source{d} gives IT executives visibility into codebases, IT teams & processes


Make wiser use of existing technology, reduce duplication of software assets. Accelerate your IT modernization and Cloud Migration.


Quickly assess your talent pool, knowledge gaps and effectively manage your teams with data-driven KPIs.


Identify patterns, drive innovation and collaboration in your organization.

source{d} helps you at every step of your Digital Transformation journey


Set Targets

What do we want and

what do we get out of it?


Assess & Plan

Where are we now and
what should change?


Execute & Monitor

Who to involve and
How do we measure progress?

How source{d} works for you

Engineers & Researchers


From data retrieval, language analysis and machine learning on code tools, datasets and models, the source{d} stack can be helpful for many software engineering use cases.

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Engineering Managers


With a built-in UI and a great user experience, source{d} delivers an enterprise-ready data platform to shift your IT budget from maintenance to innovation.

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Business Leaders


The source{d} platform allows you to modernize your entire software development life cycle so that your comapny can focus on providing more value to your customers quicker.

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