Delivering Engineering Observability over the entire Software Development Life Cycle in enterprises

source{d} Enterprise solutions and use cases

IT Modernization & Compliance

With source{d} you can easily measure the amount of technical debt you have across your entire codebase as well as progress made to get rid of it. From outdated programming languages to legacy systems and deprecated libraries, all enterprises are investing in IT modernization but not all of them succeed. Source{d} not only increases your chance of success but also helps you save a lot of time in the process. Give your engineers the insights they need to be freed from their maintenance burden that affects your customers' experience.

IT Modernization & Compliance
DevOps & Cloud Native Transformation

DevOps & Cloud Native Transformation

By embracing Docker containers, Kubernetes and other modern technologies, most enterprises are in the process of going cloud-native and adopting DevOps best practices. Although rewarding when implemented correctly, adopting these new systems is an ongoing, expensive and risky journey. With source{d} you can effectively measure your progress, identify opportunities for improvement and define best practices and guidelines as part of your center of excellence. Get the data you need to speed up your companies’ journey to Cloud Native.

Engineering Effectiveness & Efficiency

As software engineering organization focus on becoming more agile and delivering business value to their customers quicker, IT managers are often left in the dark with no actionable data to make decisions and optimize for impact. With source{d}, IT managers can now get the visibility they need to level up their overall engineering effectiveness and collaboration process.

Engineering Effectiveness & Efficiency
Talent Assessment & Management

Talent Assessment & Management

Hiring and retaining engineering talents is hard. With source{d}, you can get the data you need to become a better leader and support the professional growth and happiness of each engineer on your team. Identify new mentorship or resource allocation opportunities to align both your direct report and company goals.

What do you get with source{d} Enterprise?

Security & Compliance

With robust role-based access control and advanced security and monitoring functionality, source{d} is designed for enterprise-wide adoption.

Scale & Performance

With Kubernetes and Spark as the building blocks of our platform architecture, source{d} can easily scale up so that it only takes seconds or minutes to query your entire codebase.

Support & SLAs

Get a highly responsive, technical and dedicated support team. Gain peace of mind with fast, reliable resolutions to your problems backed by an SLA.

Automated Retrieval & Technology Mapping

Automatically discover where your code is and map out your tech stacks both upstream and downstream so that you can asses, plan, execute and monitor your IT projects more effectively.

Flexible deployment options

The simplicity of one-click deployment or the flexibility of managed on-premise, choose who takes care of running the platform while keeping full control of your data.

Advanced queries and UDFs

The extensibility of the platform allows user to write custom user defined functions to extend their analysis beyond SQL queries.

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From CIO and CTO to managers, everyone in the IT organization can benefit from source{d} Enterprise built-in visualization, management capabilities, and advanced analytic functions.

With support for distributed processing across multiple nodes and cross joining of external data sources, source{d} Enterprise is purposely built to handle very large and complex SDLC data and engineering teams. source{d} Enterprise also comes with a series of add-ons in the form of advanced queries and user-defined functions to help enterprises overcome specific challenges such as identity matching or code duplication analysis.

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