source{d} integrates with you favorite Development tools & platforms

Visualize your software development data 
to make better decisions

Built in UI and integrations with your favorite tools

With source{d} you can start getting answers to tough questions in a matter of minutes with simple SQL queries. source{d} supports all major operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS), hosting environments (Cloud or On-premise), version control systems (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, etc) and adapts to different stages of development, workflows and business needs. Enjoy the flexibility to choose whether to work on our built-in interactive web interface, your favorite SQL client, command-line interface or Business Intelligence platform (Tableau, Looker, PowerBI, etc).

Get all your code and engineering data in one place

From code retrieval to insights in minutes

  • Code Retrieval: Retrieve and store the code history of your organization (including your open-source repositories) as a dataset.

  • Analysis in/for any Language: Automatically identify languages, parse source code, and extract the pieces that matter in a distributed and language-agnostic way.

  • History Analysis: Extract information from the evolution, commits, and metadata of your codebase and generate detailed reports and insights.

  • Familiar APIs: Analyze your code through powerful friendly APIs, such as SQL, gRPC, REST, and various client libraries. Use tools you're familiar with to create reports and dashboards.

Built on top of powerful Open Source components

Transparent roadmap and Ecosystem collaboration

At source{d} we are creating a suite of Open Source tools enabling "Code as Data" and "Machine Learning on Code". From datasets and Machine Learning models to code retrieval and analysis tools, we have open-sourced more than 15 projects and are great believers in the value of Open Source transparency and collaboration.

Top OSS projects are:

  • go-git: a highly extensible git implementation library written in pure Go.

  • Babelfish is a self-hosted server for source code parsing

How source{d} works for you

Engineers & Researchers


From data retrieval, language analysis and machine learning on code tools, datasets and models, the source{d} stack can be helpful for many software engineering use cases.

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Engineering Managers


With a built-in UI and a great user experience, source{d} delivers an enterprise-ready data platform to shift your IT budget from maintenance to innovation.

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Business Leaders


The source{d} platform allows you to modernize your entire software development life cycle so that your comapny can focus on providing more value to your customers quicker.

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