Our manifesto

Last updated at 21/12/2016

At source{d} we believe that programming is a form of creative expression, similar to painting or writing. Just like painters with paints and writers with words, as a developer you have programming languages that allow you to create and express whatever your ability and creativity allows.

We believe that every developer should be working in an environment where they are happy and fulfilled. Like most creative professions, having the ability to improve and master your craft, being valued for your work and working with other people who inspire and challenge you is a large part of that happiness.

As a developer, your work should speak for you, therefore we aim to give a voice to your code. We aim to analyze all of the world’s code, and use technology to build an understanding of it.

Today, there are an estimated 50 million people who know how to program and 21 million who write code professionally. We believe that within the coming 10 years these numbers will grow an order of magnitude.

We aim (1) for our technology to bring the right people together based on their code, independent of location, gender, education or background (2) to help improve the way people code by building the first AI that understands code.