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Engineering managers and maintainers of large code bases are starting to realize the potential of Code as Data or how source code can be treated as an analyzable dataset proving valuable information. Think Business Intelligence and processes optimization based on the source code engineers write, rather than adjacent metrics.

Code as Data Challenges

  • Shadow IT
  • Lack of proper documentation
  • Language and framework heterogeneity
  • No easy way to retrieve, parse and query source code
  • No visibility into code history

Introducing source{d} Engine

We know that getting started with Code as Data can be challenging. This is why we built the source{d} Engine to enable Engineering managers to retrieve code across millions of repositories, as well as language classification and parsing for deeper analysis.

Code Retrieval

Retrieve and store the code history of your organization (including your open-source repositories) as a dataset.

Language Agnostic Code Analysis

Automatically identify languages, parse source code, and extract the pieces that matter in a completely language-agnostic way.

History Analysis

Extract information from the evolution, commits, and metadata of your codebase and generate detailed reports and insights.

Familiar APIs

Analyze your code through powerful friendly APIs, such as SQL, gRPC, REST, and various client libraries.

Have questions? Ask your codebase

With the source{d} Engine you can start getting answers to tough questions in a matter of minutes with simple SQL queries in your preferred interface. Connecting your data science, business intelligence and software development tools and pipelines takes you even further.

Software Architecture

How many repositories our codebase has per programming language?

Software Architecture

What were the largest files added to our codebase?

Software Architecture

What projects have the most files?


What of projects and files have 'to-dos' pending?


How many new projects do we start per year in our organization?


What projects have been inactive the longest?

Talent Management

What are the most active developers in all our codebase?

Talent Management

What are our top 50 projects with the most developers working on them?

Security & Compliance

How often do our developers contribute code using personal emails?

Security & Compliance

Did we ever license any of our projects as Apache license?

Security & Compliance

Are our security keys for certificates or applications exposed in our code?

Security & Compliance

What are the LICENSEs from our projects?

Multiple interfaces

The source{d} Engine supports different interfaces that adapt to different stages of development, workflows and business needs. Enjoy the flexibility to choose whether to work on our built-in interactive web interface, your favorite SQL client, command-line interface, programmatically, or a combination of these with ease.

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