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Giving IT executives visibility into their software portfolio, engineering processes and workforce at scale.

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Engineering Observability is the key to succesful IT initiatives

IT Modernization & Compliance

  • How many COBOL or Fortran lines of code / files do you still have in your codebase?
  • What % of your code/ apps is meant for mainframes?
  • Do we have any unmaintained code?

Get the answers you need to get rid of your technical debt and prioritize your IT modernization efforts.

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IT Modernization & Compliance

DevOps & Cloud Native Transformation

  • What apps haven't been adapted to the cloud?
  • % of apps that have been dockerized?
  • Have all our teams upgraded to the latest version of Kubernetes?

You have questions about your Cloud Native or DevOps strategy. source{d} gives you answers.

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DevOps & Cloud Native Transformation

Engineering Effectiveness & Efficiency

  • Where is our development process slowing down?
  • Who are the top performing developers on this project?
  • How effective are we at cross-team / company collaboration?
  • Are teams collaborating using each other's code and contributing back (outside of their core team)?
  • Is code being re-used?

Complex processes and legacy apps slow engineering teams down. With source[d} you can optimize for speed.

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Engineering Effectiveness & Efficiency

Talent Assessment & Management

  • How effective are individual developers on my team and do they have the right skill set?
  • Are any of my developers falling behind on work? How do they compare to the rest of the team?
  • What are the mentorship opportunities I can give to my senior developers?

Managing large teams and ever changing software portfolio is hard. You need metrics to support and advocate for your teams.

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Talent Assessment & Management

Turn your code and software development data into actionable insights


Get up-to-date insights into your Software Development Life Cycle


Process billions of lines of source code from tens of thousands of developers

AI Powered

Leverage Machine Learning on Code to provide advanced and predictive analysis


Make better decisions based on actionable insights from graphs, charts and tables

source{d} integrates with your favorite tools & platforms

Any Hosting Environments

You can host source{d} on any Public Cloud or behind your firewall

Any OS

Run source{d} on your laptop no matter the OS

Any Git & Project Management platforms

Retrieve your code from your favorite version control platforms

Any BI Tools

Integrate source{d} with your company data warehouse

Trusted by top engineers at world leading companies

Jessie Frazelle Microsoft

Jessie Frazelle Software Engineer at Microsoft

source{d} is not only a great open source citizen with projects like gitbase and their collection of research papers on machine learning for code. They have the expertise and user experience skills to make something that will be truly revolutionary to the way developers interact with code.

Arnaud Porterie Vente Privée

Arnaud Porterie VP of Engineering at Vente Privée

source{d} Engine and Lookout are key building blocks for an entire new generation of developer tools, spanning from the individual developer experience to high-level code analytics dashboards, and I can't wait to see what this will bring us.

Jérôme Petazzoni Docker

Jérôme Petazzoni Software Engineer at Docker

The folks at source{d} are doing neat deep learning on source code history; and, of course, it's in Docker containers🐳.

Joseph Jacks OSS Capital

Joseph Jacks Founder & General Partner at OSS Capital

Combining code retrieval, language agnostic and git history tools with familiar APIs parsing, source{d} Engine not only simplifies large scale code analysis but also lays the foundation for effective Machine Learning on Code.