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Tech recruitment done right

source{d} is a recruitment product built for developers by developers. We analyze over 900 million code contributions in the open source community to match you with the best jobs and contact you only with relevant offers.

How did we find you?

Code Analysis
It all starts in the code. We have analyzed over 18 million open source repositories, extracting features along the process.
Matching with jobs
We automatically match the profiles obtained in our analysis with our open job offers.
Contact you
We send highly relevant job proposals to the suggested profiles and inform them about all the aspects of the position.
"I enjoyed the communication process, everything was clear and comfortable to deal with. I was pleasantly surprised to have been found through GitHub, it's a very hard thing to do."
"My experience with source{d} has been very pleasant. I’ve been contacted at the right time, for the right job, at the right company. The hiring process has been rather fast and I’ve been provided with good and reliable information about the job."
"Working with source{d} was a great experience. Their unique approach to candidate matching helped me find a job that absolutely suited my expectations. I’m thankful that they opened a new opportunity for my professional career."
"I never expected source{d} to put so much care into making my experience with switching jobs as smooth as possible. They were incredibly thoughtful throughout the process, regularly checking in, and going out of their way to help me."
"Using a direct communication without circles or five year plan questions, source{d} brought me one of the greatest opportunities of my life. I was found on GitHub, even with small projects and specific contributions. Live long and prosper source{d}"